Well I certainly haven't posted in a few weeks... not much going on actually.

Grandmom is in assisted living now. She's hanging in there, but she's really depressed :(

I am dating a wonderful man, who I like alot :)

Life's good overall I just wish spring would get here, I want to plant in my garden.

How are you all?

From: [identity profile] lurker-of-note.livejournal.com

sorry about ur gran :(

wonderful man? do tell!

i'm ok, just a bit stressed. still studying, doing my honours in genetics and trying to organize a car but otherwise things r alright my side.

From: [identity profile] mirasango.livejournal.com

Thanks, sorry it took so long to reply. I just got notification that you posted! *hugs*

How's school going?

Gran is still hanging in there, but she's out of it lately. So just a day at a time

From: [identity profile] lurker-of-note.livejournal.com

that's ok. LJ can be a bit of a mofo at times ;)

skl is killing me ever so slowly >.< i need to finish a 20 page proposal tonight, work on a lab report then start on a completely different proposal. all this while trying to hook up some wheels so i'm able to travel to the kick-ass lab i'm meant to work in by next month.

glad to hear that your gran is somewhat ok- it's better than nothing, right? as for the day by day thing- i've learned from a similar situation with my grandfather that patience and a good mop helps (no jokes)

how r things otherwise?

From: [identity profile] mirasango.livejournal.com

Yep I agree, it's better than the alternative. I hope you get your car soon!

Not too much, just updated my LJ layout... reading the news online and looking at makeup ;) Just taking it easy this week. Went shopping and got some cute shorts for the summer. I want a new handbag

It's been raining out here non stop the past 3 days so ick.

From: [identity profile] lurker-of-note.livejournal.com

i hope so too otherwise i'm full-out screwed with my first proper lab job thing >.<

a fan of mister rourke, i see

it's getting chilly over here so can't think of such and my skin is very anti-makeup, bleh

rain, rain please go away...


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