Currently working on a fan campaign to save my favorite tv show:

Legend of the Seeker is in real danger of being cancelled, doing all we can to save it.

[ profile] legendofseeker also has more information.

Twitter trending topics:


Me on Twiiter:

My tumblr:

There is also a facebook group:
I should probably post them at some point, I have a whole folder here. Top that off I have some wallpapers and such from ST and LoTS. Lots of Christmas ones too to upload, need more hours in the day.


*points to icon* Screen grab I took of the new ep. Who all watched LoTS this past weekend? Richard is a sexy beast.

Also finally got to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I couldn't stop watching it, it was really very good. Needed more Lucius, but besides that it was a good movie.

Of course everyone I know is going nuts for New Moon now...

I am waiting on Star Trek to be released on DVD soon.

Nothing much else going on, work is nuts... family came for a visit last weekend. Fun times :) Hope you all are well and getting ready for Christmas!


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