Sean the Sheepish: He's had four wives, plays gritty action heroes and used to be a welder. So why do sex scenes make Sean Bean blush?


Sean Bean is barely recognisable. His slicked-back hair is cut short, and he wears a World War II British Army officer’s field uniform. I feel as if I’ve been whisked back in a time machine to 1943.
We are on the set of Bean’s latest action film, Age Of Heroes, a true story of 30 Assault Unit, a commando team formed by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, and their mission to blow up a Nazi radar tower in occupied Norway.

Bean plays Jack ‘Davey’ Jones, the hard-nosed officer who takes his boys out on their near-suicidal mission.

On target: Sean Bean in Age of Heroes

‘It’s a proper Boy’s Own yarn,’ he says with uncharacteristic emotion. Like Jones, he is the strong and silent type.

‘These guys went out and risked death and torture for our country. They were real heroes.’

More Sean this way... )

Because there can never be enough Sean Bean.



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