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mirasango ([personal profile] mirasango) wrote2011-06-23 09:56 pm
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Back, but never really left...

Ok here we go...

So where have I been? No where really just been posting to communities and not really using the main blog much. I did set up a tumblr which is lots of fun and I love reading it. But since I've been reading more communities than just ontd here lately (especially since getting into A Song of Ice and Fire so much) I figured I really should post a little more than I have. I just haven't been into a fandom enough to really post since The Dark Knight came out a few years back.

Plus I am doing some icons and wallpapers and this is a good place to post them for easy linkage. Thanks to those of you who kept me on your lists and still follow me :) If you have a tumblr mine is here feel free to add me:


Who's doing what? New fandoms? New interests :)

I guess I need to create a mood theme again too... hmm Game of Thrones, Stargate or The Tudors?

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